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We find senior consultants with specialized experience for high-level temporary engagements.

You know how much your business depends on good recruitment, specially for top-level challenges. But sometimes you need to move fast, for a limited period. And you need to get it right. Only true excellence will work.

There are tried and tested procedures for filling permanent positions, but finding consultants is left to luck and chance - the luck of finding the right person in your network, and the chance you must take on word-of-mouth recommendations.

This is where we can help, because we know the trade.

Kurnell is a sister company to Bondi Executive Search who have more than 15 years experience of finding top talents. With our combined expertise and extensive network we can find the person you need and provide a professional high quality assessment. We’ll even save you a bunch of administration.

So if you’d like help to find that special talent for a critical assignment, then contact us. It couldn’t be easier, just call 018 15 71 00.